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5 better ways to empower your frontline workers

Frontline workers have the pulse on what customers want. So how do you empower them with the right information to improve customer experience? And how can you give them an easier way to share insights with their teams and corporate leadership?

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Yee-wen Huang

Client Success Manager,
Workplace from Facebook

O'Reilly eBook

Adam Shah

Client Success Manager,
Workplace from Facebook

O'Reilly eBook

Things you'll learn

  • How to connect everyone in your company

    Meet them where they're most comfortable - on mobile

  • How to engage frontline employees with your business goals

    Empower them to be the face of your business

  • How to encourage and gain diverse perspectives

    Respond to customer needs faster by enabling quick ideas and insights from the frontline to HQ

  • How to build a culture of learning and recognition

    When people feel better at work, they do better at work

  • How to make work easier

    Streamline workflows and make crucial company information more discoverable through bots