Deskless Not Voiceless: The 2021 frontline barometer

Want to create a great experience for frontline employees?

In 'Deskless Not Voiceless: the 2021 Frontline Barometer', you’ll discover new insights and data to help you understand what life is really like on the frontline, and how you can help improve the frontline employee experience at your organization.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why the divide between frontline workers and headquarters still exists with only 55% of surveyed employees feeling connected to their HQs.
  2. Why 45% of surveyed frontline workers are thinking about quitting their frontline roles and how leaders can bridge this gap to better connect with this vital workforce.
  3. How to take the learnings from the pandemic to address new challenges and communicate in real-time to keep our frontline teams feeling safe, engaged, and heard.
  4. Discover the four employee experience pillars you need to get right to protect your business against “The Great Resignation”.

This report was commissioned by Workplace from Meta – a business communication tool that closes the gap with frontline employees by giving them the ability to find information, swap shifts and send messages – wherever they are and whatever they do. The research polled 7,000 frontline workers and 1,350 C-suite leaders in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia.

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