Digital Transformation: Essential Guide for HR and Business Decision Makers

With COVID-19 being the main turmoil since last year, a striking ray of hope shines through in the form of Southeast Asian Enterprises being pushed to enhance their business recovery whilst witnessing phenomenal growth. And Digitalisation remains the sole disruptor of this rise.

Digitalisation is no longer confined to specific functions but has instead bolstered up to a company-wide challenge. Given the expanse of impact, that digitalisation is expected to have across each and every function, CHROs, HR Directors and SME Business owners are poised to lead in helping organizations expedite growth through digitalisation.

Learn to navigate these changes from industry leaders such as Tokopedia, Singapore GovTech and Seek Asia who have introduced digitalisation to business problems and shown early success in leading the transformation journey for the rest of the organization.

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  • Discover effective components required for HR digitalisation journey

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