The State of Employee Health and Well-being

How can HR Boost employee well-being in an age of uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on work over the last year, with most HR professionals agreeing that it has significantly reduced employee well-being. Even so, more than four-fifths of HR professionals say their organizations have generally done a good job safeguarding employees during this crisis.

Although this period has included some major shifts in how organizations address employee well-being, it has also helped justify approaches that were established well before the pandemic and that will continue after it is over.

To learn more about these issues, we undertook this study to determine the current state of employee well-being and how organizations have tried to influence and safeguard well-being in recent times. We invite you to download findings today to learn how these outcomes and insights may apply to your organization, plus 10 key takeaways.


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