6 Trends to Guide HR Leaders in 2021 and Beyond

The 2020 pandemic has radically changed work as we know it. Businesses have been forced to reset priorities and develop new operating models, yet many organizations are struggling to keep pace.

As HR leaders adapt to this new business climate, guiding themes have emerged—the need for empathy, resilience, and empowerment. Taken together, these themes translate into several key actions the HR team can take to lead their organizations through unprecedented disruption. In this report we explore:

  • The role of health, well-being, and psychological safety
  • How inclusion and belonging changes culture
  • Why training is being reimagined
  • The focus away from efficiency
  • The connection between flexibility and authority
  • How AI is empowering teams

Read this report to explore the 6 key trends guiding HR leaders through the disruption.


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