Considering On Demand Pay Digital Wallet Solution?

Do you know what an on-demand pay digital wallet really costs? You might be surprised...

We know you have a ton to balance as an organizational change driver, so we’ll keep this short.

In the age of the coronavirus, companies are racing to digitize their operations at a scale that’s never been seen before. On the surface, digitization efforts clearly help to reduce human contact and slow the spread of COVID-19 (contactless payments, anyone?). But digitization also helps businesses save time and costs, an effort that is more important than ever given the blow that COVID-19 dealt to the economy.

One way companies can digitize payroll operations is through implementing a Pay Experience that empowers employees to access their earned/unpaid pay anytime and enables payroll teams to digitally disburse off-cycle payments and more. But to maximize the benefits of a Pay Experience, it’s critical to choose the right vendor.

IF your organization is looking to implement a daily pay benefit:

  • Be sure to choose a provider whose model won’t create additional work for your payroll team or incur unexpected costs
  • Choose a vendor who reduces friction and fees to ensure employee satisfaction
  • On-demand pay, when done right, should help your organization to save time and money — not the reverse
  • Support employees through education to ensure a quality rollout

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